I had been meaning to update you on Bertie. He is now nearly completely itch free and has lost about 1.5kg. Both of which have made him a much happier and healthier Beagle. I will continue with his special diet (which he loves), and the supplements. So again Thank You so very much for your knowledge and care.

Rowena and Bertie Jan 2015

We would like to let you know about the profound success your treatment had with our dog Jarva last year! Earlier in her life she didn’t care at all about storms or fireworks and I remember thinking how lucky we were to have such a chilled out dog! Last new years eve things changed when we were out and fireworks were let off quite near to our house… she jumped the fence for the first time and this was the beginning of her escaping and us building the fences higher and higher. For months after that and  before we came to you, we had lost the easy-going chilled out dog we knew so well. She was a nervous wreck most of the time but particularly around bedtime when she would refuse to lie down in her bed or be left alone in the lounge, instead crying outside the bedroom door for hours on end OR attempting to escape the yard and house :(. We were so worried about her and the sleepless nights were no fun either. Conventional vets couldn’t help much, offering drugs which could be administered 30 minutes in advance of a stressful situation… like I could predict backfiring cars/storms/teenagers letting off fireworks? Within 3 days of beginning your treatments (very cheap and simple: homeopathics, new diet meat and veg & supplements) we began to see change! And within just one week she was happily going to bed in the lounge room and sleeping all through the night again. AMAZING!! I tell everyone dealing with animal issues, especially anxiety, to come see you. We have since moved out of town so fireworks are no longer an issue, only the occasional storm 🙂 She is so relaxed again, back to the dog we knew and loved. The meat/veg diet is also much cheaper than the expensive top of the range dog biscuits we had her on.

Thank you so much, Jess and Jarva 

Cleo was diagnosed with Spondylosis in December 2008.  I sought a more holistic approach to her care.  I was referred to Kate and she has given Cleo a new lease of life, and me some much needed peace of mind.  Cleo cannot be cured, but almost 2 years after her diagnosis she is happy, still mobile and still a source of much joy. Thank you Kate for your care with Cleo and for sticking to your guns about alternative treatments.

Anna Pino and Cleo 

After just 5 days on the Chinese herbs the lesion on Rags cheek has dried up and most has come off. Just a bit to go. Amazing! Rags coat is a glossy dark brown.

Thank you, Ron and Rags

Thank you Kate for your good advice and care with focus on the quality of life for Fiasco. Your holistic treatments worked when conventional medicine had no answers for his kidneys and your help and support gave him a new lease on life. I would recommend you to anyone who wants the best care for their pets.

Jodie and Fiasco

Just a quick note to say thank you for treating Becks the other day. A couple of doses of the homeopathic drops and his kennel cough cleared in 2 days, no antibiotics or cough medicines required.

Jane and Becks

Taking Milton to you was the best thing I could have done for him. Acupuncture, coupled with homeopathy and your amazing veterinary knowledge and dedication, not only gave Milton a new lease on life, but also lengthened his life span. From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for all you had done for Milton and myself.

Chris and Milton

Thank you for everything you have done for Lewis over the last few years. Without the benefits of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and the other various herbal remedies we tried I am sure his time with me would have been shorter. Lewis was my much loved friend and I miss him terribly. It was through Lewis that I met some wonderful caring people like you. Thank you again Kate for making time for Lewis and me at such short notice. You are very much appreciated.

Lorna and Lewis

Thank you for the very best in pet care for the past year. We will remember your care of Sapho, especially in the final moments. You were there not only for Sapho but for us. You understood the love and relationship between us all, dog and human and that is a special gift.

Janice and Sapho

After having Nena’s first hoof abscess treated in the usual way and paying a lot of money, another hoof abscess started. Your homeopathics worked within 3 days and Nena was back to normal and stayed healthy. Thank you.

Brigitte and Nena

A week or so after Gidget and I had a consultation with you, she came back to the bed after going out for a morning run and held her left front leg up. After a quick inspection I found a bee attached to the leg and pulled it out. I went to the kitchen and got out your homeopathics, put a few drops into her mouth and she turned totally symptom free. No shaking or on going pain like before. It was magic at work. But listen now to even greater works of magic. Monday lunch time I was pruning my neighbours dead roses. Suddenly, when I bent this tall branch of roses to cut away, I got attacked 10-15 wasps on my right forearm, excruciating pain. With wasps following me I reached for the homeopathics, got 5-6 drops in my mouth and pain GONE!!!! God bless you Kate! About 4am I woke up with incredible itching sensations on the forearm, walked like a sleep walker to the homoepathics – it settled down. Next morning I was fine, had to leave about 11 am, went to see a client, about 2 pm my forearm turned red and swollen, quite worrying. As soon as I got home and took the homeopathics the swelling was gone in half an hour. No problems since.

Maya and Gidget